Monday, February 2, 2015

Playing Town

When we were snowed in at the Kruckenbergs lake house we played a game called “Town.”

This is how it worked:

Everyone made a shop where they could sell things and everyone had popsicle sticks for money.  People could rate the shops with stars, just like they do in the real world. 

IMG_5199This is my shop.  People could come and pay to rent Legos to take and build at home. They could also come to my shop and pay to build legos at the shop. IMG_5195This is Hazel’s shop.  At Hazel’s shop she would do hair styles for Emmeline and her dolls and she made wallets, notebooks and signs for shops.   IMG_5197 Emmeline’s store was a grocery store where people could buy pretend food.  IMG_5198  Peter’s shop was a toy car shop where you could rent toy cars to bring back to your shop to play with.  You could also rent a car to play with at his shop.  He had a race track there that you could drive the cars on. 

You could also buy each other’s shops and then you would own it.  Emmeline bought the top bunk of Hazel’s shop and Peter bought Emmeline’s shop.  It was very expensive to switch your shop around. 

It was a really fun game. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lake House Party!

We went to the lack house and I am ubawt to tel you all ubawtIMG_4137   This is me I am 6 and I love snow that is the hole reson I came here .And by the way my name is charlie. IMG_4154  This is me and my 2 sisters and we just came in from the snow. IMG_4158 IMG_4159 IMG_4160 IMG_4165  IMG_4167  IMG_4169  IMG_4176 IMG_4177 IMG_4178

Monday, April 23, 2012

Charlie’s London Adventure

I live in London now.  I’m renting  a house.  We’re staying there for six months.  This is when it was snowing in England.  It’s very lucky to have snow in England.  That’s what I really liked about it. 
This is a funny picture that we took when we were in London.  I like it because my sister Hazel, she’s the British soldier and she’s like standing on her tippy toes trying to reach the place where your head goes through.  I like Paddington Bear.   This is a day we went into London for homeschooling.  We were on our way to the British Museum where we saw some Mummies.  It was super cool. 
This is one of my favorite pictures because I like the view how it looks like it’s kind of tilting down and going to fall over on you.  This was on my birthday when we were going on the London Eye for my birthday.  We were going to go for my dad’s birthday, but it was getting fixed so instead we went for my birthday.    When we got on and you looked out the window it looked like you were going to fall down into the themes river.  We saw Big Ben, we saw the Tower Bridge, we saw the Gherkin, we saw the tallest building in Europe.  It was super fun, way funner than I expected.
This is a really cool picture because it’s of me and my sister Hazel by the tower bridge.  We really wanted to see the draw bridge open but we didn’t because a big boat didn’t come through. 

This is the engine room that is in the Tower of London.  And one of them actually is working.  It’s super cool because you can see where the pistons go bang push blow and it’s really cool to see it because it’s like , it has like lots of gears and stuff and I like gears, so to me it was really fun to see.  I knew how it al worked, I even taught a little bit to my mom and Hazel.  I’ve been listening when my dad taught me about engines, that’s why I know so much.
This is one of my really favorite pictures because it looks like it’s twisting all the way down, it looks like a rocket ship too, it’s like you’re walking up a big rocket ship.    I had a dream and it was about a space ship that looked exactly like this but instead of stairs it had a ramp and on the sides of the walls it had doors that were like compartments.  That’s exactly what it looked like, but it was a ramp up.   This staircase is walking up the steps of the Monument of the fire of London.  There were lots of steps, I got a certificate for walking up it, but I can’t remember how many steps it was. 
This is one of my really favorite pictures.  It kind of looks like you’re in an airplane, but you’re really not in an airplane.  It’s really brick with moss on it.  It’s really cool because it looks like you’re really far above and those are fields and trees.  I took this picture by myself with my moms phone.  It’s outside my house. here.
This is me and my little brother Peter.  It’s when we were at one of our favorite parks in London (Holland park) and we were being spinned around in this net thing.   I really like the parks in England because there are lots of fun stuff, like at this park, there was this think and you’d grab the rope and it was like swinging across the canyon and there was a big rocket ship you could climb up. There are also lots of Zip Lines in the playgrounds'. 
This is me and my sister and my dad by the London Eye on my birthday.  I like this picture because it’s like a view of the London eye and me and my sister and my dad.  It’s like two things put together in one picture.
This is when I was going to a wrecked down castle and what you can see is that I’m in a little house thing, but that was really their oven I think.  And I pretended that it was my house.  This castle was in Wales.  I loved it, it was the coolest thing in Wales.  It was cool because it was all wrecked down and you could climb wherever you wanted.  And in that castle it had a real cave, everyone was scared, except for me.
This is me at another castle, at Pembroke Castle.  This was a cool picture, I think, because I’m pretending that I’m a knight and I’m shooting through the wall.  I would really like to be a knight, use swords and stuff.  And I really got to shoot a real bow and arrow and I shot it right in the bulls eye.  It would be really hard because you had your sword which was really heavy and your shield which was really heavy and your helmet which was really heavy, and your chainmail which was really heavy and your armor which was really heavy.  Boys started to learn when they were 12 to be a knight.   They had to hold out plates for the king to feast on for more than two hours.  That would make them super strong.

It’s really fun living in England because there are so many castles and museums and really famous places.  So far my favorite is the imperial war museum because it has planes that you can go inside of and it has tanks and just very cool stuff like that.   My least favorite thing, guess what?  The Founding Museum.   It was just too sad for me.  But it was kind of cool how you could dress up.
I don’t want to stay here forever, I really want to go back to Boston cause I want to see all my stuffed animals and my diamond and my Legos and my toys and my bed and my good friends and lots of things like that, and my house and my bike and my swings and my dads motorcycle. 
I do like the adventure, from a 1-10 I like it about a 6.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Things About Bear Lake

I had a lot of fun at Bear lake this year.2011-07-12 Bear Lake 33320I I like when I see my mom skiing on the water and when she does cool tricks on her skies.  She’s a really good skier.  I tried to ski once but I got pulled under water.   It kind of felt really bumpy.   I didn’t let go of the rope because I forgot.  2011-07-06 Bear Lake 32719The fire that we had down at the beach was very big.  I liked to toast my marshmallows in the fire.   I liked putting sticks in the fire.  I liked seeing the orange color of the fire sparking.  We all had songs and we tried to guess people’s songs.  After ten seconds if no one guessed it, the person whose song it was had to stand up and start dancing.  I didn’t really want to dance so I just raised my hand.IMG_5840I loved playing with my cousins.  I liked digging big holes and making damns with them.  We had to dig some holes and we made little rivers coming to other big holes and then we’d make like walls and then a big hole and then when the water got over one of the walls it would just come into a river and come into another big hole and then when that got too high it would go out of that and it would come into another huge hole and then that would have a river into the ocean.  IMG_6253I like my group.  We do chores and we work really hard.  The number of my group is group 4.  We are called the “Beaver Sailor Pilots” cause we like to make damns and we like to sail on the sail boat and oh, we like to make paper planes.  IMG_6527I like playing with my cousin Camden.  He’s my best cousin.  I dig big holes with him and I can make cool stuff like big sand castles with him.  I like playing with the toys at bear lake with my cousins with my group.  And I like doing fireworks.  That’s all. IMG_6820I like my big uncle Tal.  Me and him like to look for lizards.  And we like to make little food bowls for the lizards.  We like looking at our lizards and petting our lizards and once we catched a big one, but it was a biting lizard so we couldn’t touch it.  Tal took us on adventures to Pirates Cove where we kept our boat.  We saw a snake on one of them.  we saw it on the dock and then it popped into the water and snakes can float for 5 minutes.  And they go just like they do on the land, they go squiggle squiggle squiggle, but they never put their head under water, only water snakes do that.  I swam across right where the boats come into Pirates Cove. mom's reunion pictures 2011 187

I like going to Grammie Camp.  Grammie Camp is where my group gets to go up to one of my Grammie’s houses and we sleep up there.  We go to the toy store and we pick something and we pull 200 weeds cause the thing cost two dollars.  It’s like weeds are money.   We learned about some really cool people. 

2011-07-08 Bear Lake 32925

I liked fixing the boat with my dad and my uncles.  The boat broke and me and my dad and my uncles had to fix it.  So we fixed it and it worked again.  Me and my dad fixed the jet ski too.  We had to clean out the carburetor and put it back in and it worked.  The carburetor is where the bang push blow happens.   The oil, there was this tube and it had a crack in it so all the gas was just leaking out, it should go through the tube and into the carburetor to make the carburetor work.  So we had to patch up the leak with some tape.  After that it worked, but not for a long time because one of my cousins was driving it and then it melted part of the engine.  2011-07-07 Bear Lake 32767

I like looking at Bear Lake from the house at nightfall when the suns on it.  It looks sparkly blue.  It’s like sparkling.  I like riding in the boat on the lake and I like going on the tube.  That’s all.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Awesome Disneyland

-6416We went to Disneyland and I loved Disneyland, I loved all of the cool rides, and I went on Space Mountain, it’s the thing where it’s all dark and there’s some stars and you go in a really fast Roller Coaster.  It’s really fast.  It’s scary but I wasn’t scared, not even at first.  I was tall enough to go, every time I went they had to check how big I was.  My sister didn’t go on it, only me.  She was scared. -6427 This is a picture of me and my mom on Space Mountain and it’s really fun.  I’m making a funny face, they take your picture.  I went on Space Mountain 6 times.   -5803This is me going on a toy story ride, it’s really fun, it’s a roller coaster.  You go on a roller coaster and shoot.  You shoot these little plates and balloons and little cars.  I got a good score, it was 100. -5931This is me doing a pillow fight, it was at my hotel at Disneyland.  We had  big pillow fight, it was really fun.  I wapped John over onto his bed.  -6349  This is my dad in a rocket.  I went on it too, with my cousin.  You go round and round, you go backwards to go down and frontwards to go up.  -5790 Here is Darth Vader and Darth Maul.  Darth Maul and Darth Vader, they are friends.  You know what?  Darth Maul was going to come up and burn my head off, but then, you know what I did?  I like whacked his tummy, and see that like leather brown thing around it?  I cut off that thing and under it was some leather.  The black guy is Darth Vader, and the guy with the black spikes on his head is Darth Maul, and the only person who has a double light saber at the dark side is Darth Maul.  My cousins made a double light saber and I didn’t, I just got one that had one side, it’s cause I’m a good guy.  I have the force.  The force is kind of like the holy ghost, it helps you choose the right.  -5743

I went on one teacup all by myself.  I made it go really fast, only one person.  I loved the teacups.  image This is my favorite ride, it's called Star Tours.  It’s the same thing as getting trained as a Jedi, but you go in a really fast , you know you actually go up in outer space, the REAL outer space in star tours.  The metal guy is C3po.  The other robot is the driver of star tours.  He was my  favorite, and you got to see him.  I went on this ride 11 times.  You go really fast, like space mountain.  You go through some meteors, we even go in a meteor, we do, we do!  Cause when you like curve down on that big thing on that big meteor you actually go in it, you don’t go through it, and it explodes!   We don’t have a picture cause we can’t take it, they don’t let you.  They say no smoking and no pictures.  But we do have a picture, my mom found one online, it’s on the blog, so don’t worry, you would see  it. 

I’m happy that I got to go to Disneyland.  I think I’ll go back. 

Jedi Training

IMG_4759 I went to Disneyland and there was training for Jedis.  I got picked by jumping up and down and waving my hands and smiling really big and my mom helped me too. 

I got to FIGHT DARK VADER!!!  When he was almost about to cut my leg off I rolled under his legs.  And I got to see Dark Maul, but I didn’t fight him, I fighted Dark Vader, but some persons fighted Darth Maul.  IMG_4762 -5781 I had to watch this instructor how to fight, it was really fun.  He called me the small one.  I was really good and I cut off Darth Vader’s arm!-5782 -5794 I am waiting in line to fight Dark Vader.  I got to be a kid Jedi, that’s called a Padawan. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

look at all these pictures

Charlita-9062 Um.  I like this picture.  This one is me when I was pretending to be a girl.  My name was Carlita.  I’m standing on the deck.  It felt kind of funny to be a girl.  I was actually a boy.  But I was a cute girl.  And my friend knowed that I was a boy even though I tried to trick him.  halloween-9013

Um, this is my favorite picture of Captain Hook.  I like it, it’s my very favorite one, cause I like Halloween and I like the way I look.  The hook and the vest and the white thing and the hat and the beard and the face I”m making.   halloween-9019 This is me pretending to be Captain Hook.  He’s someone in peter pan.   In the book Peter Pan all of his helpers I liked the part when uh, um, Captain Hook and all the other helpers locked those guys in the dungeon.

halloween-9030This is me without my hat on.   My dad made that cool beard.  It’s my very favorite picture.  halloween-9044 I like this.  It’s my very favorite one cause I like Halloween.  I like it cause I choosed a good costume.  Hazel was a black cat for Halloween.  And Emmeline was a lion….get it?  Emm-a-lion. 


And my mom was a witch, but my dad wasn’t anything.  -6083Um.  I like this one of me jumping on the trampoline.  Cause I like where I was staying for three days.  We played some tennis the last day when we were leaving.  I made a cool thing with legos there.  I love legos.   -6622 Up, I liked that fuzzy caterpillar.  I got to see it, but I didn’t want to touch it.  Um, that was when I was playing tennis.  I had my very own tennis racket.  -8307 This is me carving my pumpkin.  It was on Halloween night and my mom was taking a picture of me carving my pumkin.  That’s all. -8316 Look at this one.  This one was when we turned off all of the lights and the pumpkin shined.  -8317 And, about this one, of those pumpkins.  That was when we were turning off the lights, just like the one above, that’s when all the lights were turned off.   We’re trying to make the same faces as our pumpkins.  I like daddy’s face.  baby ashley-0001

This one is us eating ice cream at the cow place.  We were having so much fun.  it was really cold. 

I like going to the cow place.  It’s my favorite place.  There's a new bench there.   I like it even more than Costco, but it’s closed for the season.